More Firsts!

We thought we would share with you a few more firsts as they seem to be endless and they are a constant reminder to us how urgent it is that Leo find a family.  His life experience consists of very little outside of the walls of his orphanage which is why so much that we take for granted is new and exciting for him.  We know this will continue throughout his stay with us, but it is impossible to share all that is so wonderful in our lives with him in the four short weeks that he is here.  We are hoping and praying that we find a family that can introduce him to all of things that we can’t.  Every kid deserves and needs a family and Leo is no exception.  Please contact us if you are the family that can love Leo and share in the joy that comes with a child discovering all that is good in our world!

Leo slushie

He has his eyes on Carter to see how this works. Notice his hands show it is cold and that is not something he is used to!


Firsts for today:

  • Riding in a car on a hilly road!  We squealed and giggled as we drove the hilly roads around Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin.
  • Slushies!!  His first sip was priceless and I apologize that I wasn’t forward thinking enough to video it for all of you to see, but it was great!  Then later when he saw himself in the mirror with blue lips and tongue, he laughed and laughed!
  • Hiking! Oh boy, the number of firsts!  Clearly he hadn’t been in the woods much or ever before. Certainly hadn’t put his feet in sandals in a cold stream (not sure he has worn sandals before with no socks nonetheless). He was reluctant at first, but once he did it, he loved it. And, of course, there was lots of giggling!

I did take a video as well, but can’t post it here.  Please go to our Facebook page to see the video and why not give us a like!  You can also get information on the Open House we are having to celebrate Leo.  If you are in the area, we would love to have you stop by and meet Leo and us!

We ask you to share this blog and our Facebook page so that we can reach Leo’s family if it is not you.  Thanks everyone for the support, this has been an incredible experience so far.  We know we can find his forever family!


Leo by rocks

This was near the beginning of the hike. I am fairly certain he was thinking we were crazy to be walking through this unfamiliar place with so many new things to see and hear!  By the end there were big smiles.

If you are interested in adopting Leo or have questions you can contact Shannon Phillips at or Meredith Chambers at  There is also great information at the Great Wall China Adoption website.  We also welcome all your questions in the comments or message us on Facebook!

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